With over 6 years of experience, our agency tailors solutions to your business needs, employing innovative design strategies backed by thorough market research and our expert insights.

What we offer?

Visual brand identity.
Digital media design
Product packaging development
Graphic design

Service package “Basic.”

Starting at $300
The cornerstone of your brand identity. It offers the first impression to customers, encapsulates your brand's essence, and consistently promotes your reputation—whether online, on packaging, in promotional materials, or correspondence .
  • Sign: Essential for brand recognition.
  • Form Style: Establishes consistency and coherence in your brand presentation.
  • Variability: Ensuring the logo's adaptability across different platforms and contexts.
Color Palette, Typography, & Corporate Graphics
Key assets in carving out a brand's distinct identity, these tools differentiate you from competitors and evoke emotional responses. Beyond mere aesthetics, they articulate your brand's ethos and philosophy.
  • Primary corporate colors
  • Additional colors
  • Color layouts
  • Corporate fonts
  • Combinations
  • Рекомендации для разных носителей(онлайн и офлайн)
  • Combinations
  • Фирменная графика - паттерн и фон
  • Стилеобразующие элементы
Photo style
Starting at $300
Our photo style services dictate the brand’s visual approach in all communications with its audience. We ensure that every image associated with your brand consistently reflects its values and aesthetics.
  • Illustration style
  • Photo style
Business documentation
Starting at $300
Business documentation is a crucial pillar of a company's corporate identity. Through the strategic placement of identity elements on essential items such as letterheads, business cards, and envelopes, we emphasize your brand's unique character and project a professional image. Without these, documents may appear generic.
  • Form design
  • Business card design
  • Folder styling
  • Envelope design
Digital Branding Services
Starting at $1000
A strong digital visual identity amplifies your online brand presence and offers expansive opportunities to refine your corporate image. Through digital mediums, we craft dynamic content, ensuring you remain at the forefront of user engagement.
  • Website styling
  • Social network design
  • App interface design

Packaging Services

Starting at $1000
Well-designed packaging not only showcases your product but also strengthens the emotional bond with your brand. Beyond mere aesthetics, our packaging communicates your brand's essence and adds value to the customer experience.
  • Packaging concept
  • Line development
  • Packaging standards

Promotional Products

Starting at $500
Elevate brand visibility with memorable promotional items. Ideal for events, meetings, and everyday brand promotion. Keep your brand top of mind for key stakeholders and partners.
- Corporate Souvenirs: Custom gifts for brand reinforcement.
- Advertising and Promotional Souvenirs: Engage and reward customers or attendees.
- Branded Clothing/Uniform: Ensure a consistent and professional brand representation.
  • Corporate souvenirs
  • Advertising and promotional souvenirs
  • Одежда / униформа

Interior/Exterior Design Services

Starting at $500
Establishing a consistent brand identity extends to your physical spaces. From signage both inside and out, to navigational aids, reception aesthetics, POS displays, and even detailed elements like napkin and card holders, we ensure everything resonates with your brand standards.
  • Exterior and interior design elements
  • Navigational aids and signage

Corporate media services

Starting at $1500
Harness the power of corporate media for impactful marketing and robust internal and external communications. Amplify your success stories and foster industry connections with our specialized offerings.
  • Corporate publication design
  • Digital corporate media solutions