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What we offer?

Visual brand identity.
Digital media design
Product packaging development
Graphic design

Service package “Basic.”

From $300
A key element for business promotion. It makes the first impression on customers, reflects the brand personality, and works for your reputation 24/7 - on the Internet, packaging, promotional materials, and correspondence.
  • Sign
  • Form style
  • Variability
The color palette, typography, and corporate graphics
Marketing tools can be powerful assets for building a brand's identity and distinguishing it from competitors. When used effectively, they can evoke emotions in customers and influence their buying decisions. Logos and other visual elements are especially helpful in conveying a brand's character, ideology, and philosophy without relying solely on words.
  • Primary corporate colors
  • Additional colors
  • Color layouts
  • Corporate fonts
  • Combinations
  • Recommendations for different media (online and offline)
  • Combinations
  • Corporate graphics-pattern and background
  • Стилеобразующие элементы
Photo style
It dictates how and what illustrative materials to use for the brand in communication with the consumer. The uniqueness and constancy of style are another plus for recognition. Retouching, color correction, and placing objects in the photo are important nuances that should be addressed.
  • Illustration style
  • Photo style
Business documentation
One of the carriers of the corporate identity of the company. Identity elements on letterheads, business cards, envelopes, and other business papers emphasize individuality and add professionalism to partners' eyes. But their absence makes the documents faceless and inexpressive.
  • Form
  • Business card
  • Folder
  • Envelope
Investing in a digital visual identity can significantly enhance your brand awareness online. It also opens up endless opportunities to experiment with your corporate identity. Working digitally allows you to explore new tools and create dynamic content that attracts users.
  • Website style
  • Design of social networks
  • Application interface


From $1000
The thoughtful use of identity in packaging forms a strong emotional connection with the brand for the buyer. Adequate packaging cannot tell about the product and make it look good on the supermarket shelf. It should convey the idea of the brand and give the client additional intangible benefits Packaging concept Line development Packaging standards.
  • Packaging concept
  • Line development
  • Packaging standards

Souvenir products

From $500
Communicating about your brand can be done effectively and inexpensively. This will help remind critical strategic partners, key customers, and company employees about your brand. It can complement corporate events, business meetings, seminars, and symposiums.
  • Corporate souvenirs
  • Advertising and promotional souvenirs
  • Clothing/Uniform


From $500
Designing the environment is crucial in establishing a consistent brand visual identity. From internal and external signage to navigation elements, reception areas, points of sale, napkin holders, counters, and business card holders, every detail must align with the established identity and adhere to a universal standard.
  • design of exterior and interior elements
  • navigation elements

Corporate media

From $1500
This tool is used for effective marketing, both internally and externally. It broadcasts the company's success and helps establish communication within the industry.
  • corporate edition style
  • digital corporate media design

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