Best Skyscrapers

Development of a landing page for a real estate company in Dubai
Real estate
2 month
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Web-development, UI/UX
The landing for the real estate company Best Skyscrapers in Dubai is one of our new cases. The team of UI/UX designers and developers at Pixel.Co has created a quality product that attracts investors from all over the world.


In the development and design process of the site, we used a minimalist style with clear, yet smooth lines and contrasting and golden colors and gradients that interact with each other and emphasize the overall look and functionality of the site.
Main Font
IBM Plex Sans
Secondary Font
Main Text
Introduction to the industry, market analysis, competitors and company audit
  • Overview of the Dubai real estate market: dynamic development, high demand for investment.
  • The need for a high-quality website to compete successfully.
  • Create a website from scratch that would reflect the uniqueness and professionalism of the company.
  • The website should provide a good user experience for potential investors

Development process

Analysis and planning: definition of the target audience
  • Surveys and interviews with potential clients
  • Analysis of data from CRM and other sources
Competitor research
  • Visiting competitors' websites, analyzing their structure, design, and functionality
  • Track traffic and keywords they rank for
Formation of requirements for the site
  • Collection of wishes from the customer
  • Formation of technical specifications for developers and designers
Design and layout
  • Development of several versions of the main page
  • Design of internal pages, catalog of objects, contact pages
  • Presentation of layouts to the customer
  • Making adjustments according to the customer's wishes
  • Creation of a mobile version of the site
  • Website optimization for different browsers and devices

Every detail of the site has been thought out

User-friendly navigation
3 sections - "Projects", "About Us", "Experts" and "Contact Us" option
Latest features
Unique design with elaborate graphics
No unnecessary information
Structured presentation of information

Functional development

CRM integration
  • Connecting to the company database
  • Process automation (for example, sending requests from clients directly to CRM)
Possibility to book appointments online
  • Development of a feedback and booking form
  • Implementation of a notification system for managers


Functional testing
  • Checking the functionality of all site functions
  • Testing for errors or bugs
User experience (UX) testing
  • Conducting A/B testing to determine the most effective design
  • Collecting feedback from test users

Launch and monitoring

Launch of the site
  • Publishing a website on hosting
  • Connecting a domain name
Monitoring and analytics
  • Installation of a monitoring system, Google Analytics
  • Tracking user behavior, conversions, traffic

Constant updates and support

Technical support
  • Monitoring the status of the site, correcting errors
Content update
  • Regular addition of new properties, news, articles
Join us to achieve success together with market leaders!
Creating a website from scratch is a difficult but important task that requires a professional approach. Our company guarantees the quality and efficiency of the solution, which is confirmed by the successful experience of cooperation with the real estate company in Dubai – Best Skyscrapers.