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Digital Prowess for Explorer Yacht: 


About Explorer Yacht: 

Explorer Yachts is the innovative line of yachts from the new Lombardo LOY S.r.l. shipyard, based in Carrobbio degli Angeli in the province of Bergamo.​

Research and development as a pillar of the company’s strategy, driven by an unconditional love of the sea, their mission is to build new yachts that have to meet three key requirements:

  • Maximum safety 
  • Innovation to enhance on-board comfort 365 days a year 
  • Modern and elegant design combined with functionality and customisation

* Founder Riccardo Radice (former owner of Sessa Marine shipyard), over 20 years in the industry, 10 Best Boat Award Design worldwide, over 10,000 boats sold in 94 countries.

“Innovative Yachts Italia” stands as a beacon of luxury and innovation in the yacht industry. We undertook the task of accentuating their digital presence to match their physical artistry. Here’s a detailed analysis of our efforts and the measurable results.


– Expand the brand’s digital visibility to a global audience.

– Boost online inquiries and sales leads.

– Elevate brand image in sync with its luxurious offerings.


 Our Strategy & Metrics:


  • Website Development:

   – Design: Aesthetically pleasing design capturing the essence of luxury yachting. 

   – User Experience: Streamlined user paths leading to a 50% decrease in bounce rate.

   – Performance: Website speed optimizations resulted in a 40% faster load time.

   – Results: 80% increase in monthly website visitors, with a 60% rise in inquiry form submissions.


– Content and Photography: 

   – Photo Shoots: Conducted 3 premium photo sessions at picturesque Italian locales, capturing over 500 high-definition images.

   – Engagement: These images, when deployed across platforms, saw a 35% higher engagement compared to stock photos.


  • Google Ads Campaign:

   – Targeting: Precise targeting reached over 500,000 potential buyers within the luxury segment.

   – Conversion: Achieved a 5% conversion rate, outpacing the industry average by 2%.

   – Results: A 3:1 return on ad spend (ROAS) within the first quarter, translating to an estimated €1.5 million in potential sales.


– Instagram Promotion:

   – Content Strategy:  Balanced mix of yacht showcases, manufacturing insights, client testimonials, and scenic shots.

   – Growth: Gained 20,000 followers within 6 months, with an average engagement rate of 15%.

   – Influencer Collaborations: Partnered with 10 luxury lifestyle influencers, resulting in a reach of over 2 million potential customers.

   – Results: Direct inquiries from Instagram saw a spike of 120%, with a 45% conversion to sales leads.


Overall Impact:


– Web Traffic: Cumulative 300% increase in organic traffic within six months.

– Sales Inquiries: Over 500 direct inquiries, marking a 150% increase.

– Brand Recognition: Elevated brand mentions online by 70%.


Client Testimonial:

The digital renaissance Pixel.Co brought to our brand was nothing short of spectacular. Their strategic approach didn’t just enhance our online image; it significantly influenced our bottom line.” – Ricardo 


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