Huge Restaurant & Not Only Bar

Restaurant and hookah bar
3 month
Bali, Indonesia
SMM, Main page cases

Strategically Amplifying “Not Only Bar” on Social Platforms: A Comprehensive Marketing Case Study.


We undertook the challenge of positioning “Not Only Bar” on social media platforms, asserting its brand identity before its formal inauguration. This case study delineates our systematic approach and its efficacious results.



To foster brand awareness and generate palpable anticipation for this nascent nightlife establishment among Bali’s local demographic and inbound tourists, leveraging Instagram and Facebook’s marketing tools.


The visual concept of the pages we created:

Our Strategy:

  • Pre-launch Digital Branding:

   – Instituted distinctive Instagram and Facebook profiles, ensuring brand consistency and resonance with “Not Only Bar’s” ethos.

   – Disseminated anticipatory content: unveiling the bar’s conceptual journey, featuring core team member profiles, and spotlighting unique selling propositions.

   – Engaged in community management, fostering brand affinity through direct engagements, query redressals, and interactive digital campaigns.

  • Content Deployment Strategy:

   – Curated and distributed high-definition visual assets that encapsulated the bar’s ambiance, signature concoctions, and eventful nights.

   – Offered behind-the-scenes snapshots into mixology sessions, complemented by expert interviews.

   – Promulgated time-sensitive promotions, nightly features, and event partnerships to bolster patronage.

  • Paid Media Campaign:

   – Executed a demographically-targeted ad campaign, optimizing reach among local aficionados and transient leisure-seekers.

   – Synergized with regional digital influencers and lifestyle content creators to augment organic reach and engagement metrics.


Metrics & Outcomes:


– Achieved an acquisition of 2000+ pre-launch Instagram followers.

– Registered a 250% uptick in patron engagement and foot traffic within the initial three-week operational window.

– Accumulated stellar reviews, fostering robust brand advocacy within the bar-going community.


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Some of the images we created at the photo shoot:


Huge Restaurant & Not Only Bar
Huge Restaurant & Not Only Bar
Huge Restaurant & Not Only Bar
Huge Restaurant & Not Only Bar
Huge Restaurant & Not Only Bar
Huge Restaurant & Not Only Bar
Huge Restaurant & Not Only Bar

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