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Pinterest Promotion for your brand
People visit Pinterest to find inspiration.
Your brand can be an inspiration


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Explorer Yacht

Explorer is a luxury yacht company founded by Ricardo Radis. Yachts are designed for comfort and have been purchased by many satisfied owners through our online and offline promotions.
Marketing, SMM, Website development
2 months

Huge Restaurant

An exquisite restaurant in the heart of the tropics.
Marketing, branding, maintaining social networks, organizing themed events/collaborations with celebrities.
Branding, Marketing, SMM
8 months


It’s a drivers job board exchange that provides for truck drivers to get a lot of opportunities to be hired only at reliable, trusted high-rated companies, eliminating your risks to work with untrustworthy companies and with the fastest hiring process.
2 months


Our services have contributed to selling over $1,000,000 worth of turnkey trucking company services.
Branding, Marketing, SMM, Website development
2 months

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Benefits of promoting on Pinterest

Pinterest has several business benefits, including
  • Pinterest boasts a massive audience with more than 400 million registered users.
  • Pinterest is known for its high conversion rates, with many image views leading to successful sales.
  • Through advertising, Pinterest offers the opportunity to promote products and services to a specific audience.
  • Through advertising, Pinterest offers the opportunity to promote products and services to a specific audience.
"By partnering with Pixel.Co, a reliable marketing agency, your business can effectively attract and engage potential customers early, boosting leads and sales."
You'll get:
Brand recognition
Exclusive content
Regular traffic to your products
Brand followers and followers

Primary Pinterest Audience

Pinterest имеет несколько преимуществ для бизнеса, среди которых:
  • 80%Mothers
  • 50%Millennials
  • ~80%Millennial women
  • ~40%Millennial men
  • 76%Mothers
  • 45%Millennials
  • ~70%Millennial women
  • ~60%Millennial men

Pinterest promotion process

We assist brands in promoting on Pinterest by creating and executing a promotion plan. The promotion process involves the following steps.


Target audience analysis
Our team researches the behavior and interests of the brand's target audience on Pinterest.


Strategy Development
Our promotional strategy involves crafting and refining content, strategizing advertising campaigns, and utilizing various other tools.


Content Creation and Optimization
Our team produces visually appealing and top-quality content that caters to the interests and requirements of your target audience on Pinterest. We also improve your content to enhance its visibility and reach.


Advertising campaigns
Our assistance involves guiding you through the process of creating and executing Pinterest ad campaigns. We utilize target parameters and audiences to maximize your campaign's effectiveness.


Monitoring and analysis
We keep a close eye on campaign performance and analyze its effectiveness. We tweak our promotion strategy by studying analytics to achieve optimal results.

"Suitable niches for promoting on Pinterest."

Clothes and accessories
Cosmetics store
Interior design and decoration
Catering business
Photography and video filming
Travel and tourism
Sports goods and services
Repair and home appliances
Personal blog
Festive services and gifts
Beauty industry
Any commodity business

Service cost

  • Market audit and analysis
  • Analyze a profile or create a new one
  • Development of an advertising strategy
  • Content strategy development
  • Account Optimization
  • Design for all creatives
  • Copywriting for all materials
  • Creating and publishing content
  • Monitoring promotion results and making adjustments to the strategy
  • Daily board management
  • Developing an organic traffic strategy
  • Participation in Pinterest Communities
  • Providing progress reports with an analysis of results and suggestions for enhancing future progress.

$2000 / month

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