Website development

Our expertise lies in creating websites that not only attract visitors but also drive sales.

Types of Websites

Landing Page
This website has only one page and its purpose is to motivate users to take a particular action, such as placing an order or subscribing to a newsletter. The website has an eye-catching design, concise details about the product or service being offered, information about the advantages for the customer, and a form for submitting an application or order.
Around 3 weeks - 4 weeks
1 page
Business website
On this website, you can find different pages such as Home, About Us, Services/Products, and Contacts. The design is well-organized and includes all the necessary information. Additionally, you can easily get in touch with the company. This site is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized business owners who do not frequently change their location or services.
3-4 weeks
4 pages
Corporate website
This is a great option for big corporations. The website's main objective is to enhance the company's reputation, showcase its products, draw in potential customers, partners, and employees, and serve as an easy-to-use information hub for them. It includes 6-8 pages, namely: Home, About Us, Products/Services, Job openings, Frequently asked questions, Partners, News, and Contact information.
6-8 weeks
6-8 pages
Online store
This website allows users to browse and order various products delivered to their doorstep. The website prioritizes the security of purchases and the protection of personal information and boasts a modern and visually appealing interface. Additional features in development include a privacy policy, shopping cart, product catalog, navigation, filtering options, user accounts, payment system integration, delivery system integration, and analytics.
2-8 months
(depending on the complexity of the store)
6 - 8 pages
Shop on Shopify
This website is ideal for online retail stores with high sales volumes, catering to novice entrepreneurs and experienced business people looking to expand their businesses. It boasts an intuitive interface, eye-catching design, comprehensive store management tools, seamless integration with payment and delivery systems, and analytics that enable business owners to track sales and enhance efficiency.

Why you should choose us

  • Transparent and Honest Working Conditions.
  • We are ensuring reporting at every stage.
  • Maximizing the Potential of Your Business
  • We teach how to work with the site and organize the support
  • Our services include custom design and development.
  • Regular Feedback
  • We provide access to the demo version of the site for testing purposes.

Here are the primary steps involved in building a website:


Setting Goals
What are the desired functions of the website? Who is the intended audience? What goals are you looking to accomplish? Our team can assist in answering these questions, drawing from our extensive experience working with clients.


Business analysis and benchmarking
We tailor each website to our client's specific needs and requirements. We thoroughly research your competitors' online presence to understand what has worked well for them. The better we know your business and target audience, the more influential the final product will be.


UI/UX Design
Our team will create user scenarios and design a site structure that effectively manages user needs and simplifies the search for desired information. The outcome of this stage will be meticulously crafted site page layouts that align with your company's values and elicit positive user experiences.


Adaptive layout and programming
Thanks to a high-quality adaptive layout, each user can see the design exactly as the designer intended. We also use the latest technologies for programming so that the site works properly and does not create problems for you or your users. Thanks to a high-quality adaptive layout, each user can see the design exactly as the designer intended. We also use the latest technologies for programming so that the site works properly and does not create problems for you or your users.


Testing and launch
Before launching the project, we will conduct tests on the site from both the user's and administrator's perspectives. We will ensure that all designed areas are displayed correctly, all forms function properly, and the administrator receives notifications. Our goal is to ensure that the site operates according to your requirements.

Our technologies

Adobe XD
Adobe After
Rest Api
Cake PHP
Autodesk 3ds
Telegram api
Google Maps

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