Google Ads

Maximize your revenue potential with Google Ads and triple your sales.

How does it work?

Google PPC is an advertising service that enables businesses to showcase their ads on Google pages. Whenever a user types specific keywords into Google, like "purchase a table in Miami," ads will display at the top or on the side of the search page. If a user clicks on an ad, the business owner will pay for each ad click.
Types of Google Ads
  • Search ads appear at the top or bottom of a Google page in response to a user's search query.
  • Display ads are advertisements that appear on websites that have partnered with Google.
  • Remarketing ads are advertisements displayed to users who have previously visited your website.
  • YouTube ads are video advertisements that show up on YouTube either before or during the playback of a video.
  • App Ads - ads that appear in mobile applications.


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Explorer Yacht

Explorer is a luxury yacht company founded by Ricardo Radis. Yachts are designed for comfort and have been purchased by many satisfied owners through our online and offline promotions.
Marketing, SMM, Website development
2 months

Huge Restaurant

An exquisite restaurant in the heart of the tropics.
Marketing, branding, maintaining social networks, organizing themed events/collaborations with celebrities.
Branding, Marketing, SMM
8 months


It’s a drivers job board exchange that provides for truck drivers to get a lot of opportunities to be hired only at reliable, trusted high-rated companies, eliminating your risks to work with untrustworthy companies and with the fastest hiring process.
2 months


Our services have contributed to selling over $1,000,000 worth of turnkey trucking company services.
Branding, Marketing, SMM, Website development
2 months

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How are we working?

Our team conducts a thorough audit of your website.
We will conduct an analysis of the market and your specific industry.
We are examining the websites of competitors.

We are analyzing and segmenting the target audience.

We analyze the pages on your website.

We analyze the pages on your website that the advertisement will direct to.

Designing an account framework.
We highlight the semantic core and keywords.
Setting up a campaign in the Google ADS account.
Identify the objectives of the advertising campaign.
Create clickable ads
Starting a campaign.
We are improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns through analysis and optimization.
Our reporting is of top-notch quality and presented clearly and comprehensively.

Service cost

  • Company/website audit, market analysis
  • Development of an advertising strategy
  • Creating and setting up advertising campaigns based on selected keywords and topics
  • Placement of advertisements on Google pages and other sites
  • Design and copywriting for advertisements
  • Using different ad formats such as text, image, and video
  • Setting up geographic and demographic targeting to determine the target audience
  • Using keywords to determine ad relevance to a user's search query
  • Optimizing ads to improve their performance and increase conversions
  • Campaign results monitoring and advertising effectiveness analysis
  • Optimize bids per click and impressions to increase ROI (return on investment)
  • Providing reports and analytics to measure the effectiveness of advertising

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